Democratic Radio: Marconi to Mobile

Here are the materials mentioned in the October 26 Quest lecture:


Democratic Radio: Marconi to Mobile

Radio History Timeline


American Radio History  – Online collection of electronics, radio, television and broadcast periodicals. Six million pages of radio history in downloadable, PDF format.

Extra-Terrestrial Relays – Arthur C. Clarke article in the October, 1945 edition of Wireless World predicting geosynchronous telecommunications satellites (article starts on page 41 of the PDF)

SpaceBalloon, Father, Son send home-made capsule to space and back – YouTube video


This American Life

Radio Lab

Fresh Air

Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me

The Moth – True Stories, Live, without notes

Revisionist History – Malcolm Gladwell

More Perfect – the Supreme Court

Invisibilia – Human behavior

Snap Judgement – real stories with killer beats

WTF with Marc Maron – Episode 613 Barack Obama

iOS Apps:

TuneIn Radio – Stream radio stations from all over the world. Over 100,000 AM and FM stations listed.

KUT 90.5 – Direct connection with KUT radio.

Prairie Public – Direct connection with Prairie Public radio and television

Podcasts – Included in recent iOS devices. The best way to find and use podcast content. iTunes U content is listed here also.

iTunes U – Comprehensive listing of courses hosted on Apple’s iTunes U platform. Universities, Colleges, K-12 and more. An impressive collection of educational content.