Restoring a Classic 1937 Hallicrafters SX-16 Shortwave Receiver – A Start

photo of Hallicrafters SX-16 original condition

It’s been nearly two years since a pair of classic old shortwave receivers followed me home from California, and they have been staring at me each time I enter the shop ever since. Neither are functional, and both are daunting restoration projects. I wanted to revive some of my old vacuum tube chops and collect some vintage test equipment before diving into these beauties.

A Dynaco Stereo 80 Upgrade

photo of The Dynaco Stereo 80 in the shop

A few months ago, I refurbished a Dynaco Stereo 120 audio amplifier for my studio, replacing a Stereo 80 amp that had been in service for years. There wasn’t anything wrong with the 80, but I wanted the increased power and the sound improvements that the 120 upgrades had provided in the studio.

Building a Crystal Radio

photo of The Finished Crystal Radio

Christmas gifts for my two great-nephews are always a challenge, and with one entering the first grade, I wanted to up my game a little. The standard Lego-based gifts are always popular, but I sensed that something more involved might be a real hit. By the time I was in Grade School, I was fascinated by all things electrical and radio, so why not give something along those lines?

JBL 4408 Studio Monitors — Repairing the Woofer Foam Surrounds

photo of The studio in action

In a former life, I worked in professional audio sales and service for a local music store. This was about a million years ago, and the store, Musicmakers Austin, is long gone. I was just recently out of college and the modest pay didn’t matter too much because I was living every musician’s dream: working as a musician — or at least in close proximity to working musicians.